So that we can try to get the best pictures possible for you and so that you and your family are happy during the session we would ask that you try to book a time when young children are not due a nap or are hungry.

If your child has favourite treats please bring along for them to have at the end of the session.

We would always suggest that you and your children dress in plain, simple clothes without any big patterns or logos as these can distract from your photographs. You can bring different outfits with you for the session.  We can talk about the details when we have a pre session phone call. 

If photo session is taking place outside we do advise that you consider bringing different footwear and coats etc as we all know how changeable the British weather can be. 

Family sessions will last approximately 1 1/2 -2 hrs in the studio, your home or at an outside location.  There will always be time for comfort breaks.


The images created will be shown to you at a later viewing appointment.


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