Newborn baby Session


So that we can get the very best photographs of your new baby we need to ensure that we consider a few things.


Photographs of your new baby can be taken from just a few days old, when they can be sleepy and we can create some beautiful curled up images, up to six weeks old, when we can see a little smile and have some sleepy and wide awake photographs as well.


Whenever you decide to have the photographs taken, ‘baby’ will always lead the session, as their comfort is paramount.  Feeds and changes will be done as baby needs them.

Although a baby can be asleep during the whole session and easy to pose in our different props and outfits, some are awake and wanting to stretch out. Whatever your baby is doing you will get beautiful images, which will capture them. Sessions can take place in our Studio or in your own home

Before the Studio Session

On the day of your session, please bring a little blanket or wrap something that your baby is used to so that he/ she will feel more relaxed. The sleepier your new baby is the better and the more props we can use to get the curled up images while they continue to sleep peacefully.

Before you leave home please try to feed your baby, so they are nice and full. The journey to the studio will hopefully help to get them in a deep sleep so that we can start right away with posing, but sometimes they can wake and so having a dummy, if your baby has one, and having an extra bottle ready can help to settle.


The newborn session can last about 3 hours, allowing plenty of time to feed, cuddle and settle.

The images created will be shown to you at a later viewing appointment.


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